Bittydesign Black Hawk 1/10 SC Clear body
  • Bittydesign Black Hawk 1/10 SC Clear body
  • Bittydesign Black Hawk 1/10 SC Clear body

Clear Body For Short Course kits

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The aftermarket body shell Black Hawk for Short Course class is one of the most beautiful and recognizable to the category, its design makes it instantly recognizable. The body has been developed following the guidelines received from our American partners and contains a series of features that make it unique on the market.

Developed for everyone

The overall balance of the Blackhawk body is one of its strengths to help the driver more or less expert while driving which is more fluid and easier than other bodies. The body also presents a series of air vents that are pre-marked on the front, on the rear just behind the roof as well as on the wheel guards. Open these outbursts is allowed by the regulations and it may be necessary to improve the balance in the jumps and reduce the parachute effect.

Product Features

  • The body is universal and you can install it practically on all the Short Course chassis on the market.
  • Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®
  • Included in the kit a complete set of screws/nuts/plastic washers necessary to fix the side number plates and the rear fin
  • Thickness of material 1mm
  • Sold clear with protective film outside
  • Included decal sheetwindows mask

Customization of the body

One of the most special and unique element is the long rear fin very showy that can be installed or removed according to the characteristics of the track and more generally to increase stability in the high speed corners and jumps.
The fin is included in the package, it is not sold separately. For small and winding tracks we recommend you to remove it, if instead the track is high speed and flowing in this case the installation of the fin together with the side number plates improve the driving feeling.


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