Xray X12 - 2018 1:12 Luxyrous Pan Car Kit - EU
  • Xray X12 - 2018 1:12 Luxyrous Pan Car Kit - EU
  • Xray X12 - 2018 1:12 Luxyrous Pan Car Kit - EU

1:12 Mattoauto Kilpakäyttöön

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2018 All-New:

  • All-new X12 Uni-platform™ design with fully interchangeable parts
  • All-new EU and US Edition both designed & optimized for particular traction conditions
  • All-new EU Edition is optimized for low-, medium-, and high-traction conditions
  • All-new US Edition is optimized for high- and very-high traction conditions
  • All-new chassis concept features a split design of a 14mm shorter chassis + elevated bumper holder to eliminate chassis touching the track surface, minimizing front scrub allowing for increased steering and more consistent handling
  • All-new 2.5mm graphite chassis for EU Edition
  • All-new 2.0mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum chassis & rear pod for US Edition
  • Front suspension concept has optimized specs for EU Edition and US Edition
  • All-new stiffer front graphite suspension for US Edition gives increased cornering speed
  • All-new innovative wheelbase adjustment
  • All-new front graphite bumper holder
  • Foam bumper improves the durability of the car and protects the front in hard collisions
  • All-new lower servo mounts with variable mounting depending on battery orientation
  • All-new adjustable-position battery backstops
  • All-new frontward/rearward shock position adjustment for more set-up options
  • All-new track-width adjustment inserts for US Edition
  • All-new tweak-free lower pivot brace
  • All-new lightweight graphite rear axle to significantly reduce the rotating mass and improve steering

XRAY X12 Platform.

Based on the ultra-successful X12 platform, XRAY proudly presents the 2018-spec X12 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in high-competition races around the world, and ready out-of-the-box to take you to the Winners’ Circle.

Made in Europe.

From unique HUDY Spring Steel™, through the world’s strongest Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, along with XRAY’s own secret composite mixtures, to the premium high grade graphite materials… everything is exclusive and premium on the X12.

Using premium European exclusive materials crafted by XRAY’s engineering artists using the state of the art German, Italian, and Swiss CNC machines, the X12 is a blend of only the world’s finest.

European Champions.

XRAY X12 is currently the best-performing and most winning 1/12 pan-car in Europe. Alexander Hagberg continues his winning streak with back-to-back European Championship in the Modified class making it 4 in a row: 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. XRAY factory team driver Hupo Hönigl brings back-to-back European Champion titles in Stock class – 2016 and 2017.


Designed in virtual reality using the world's most sophisticated CAD tools, and manufactured using the world's best machining and molding machinery, the XB2 achieves a level of premium perfection in all details that is second to none.

USA Champions.

Within some of the toughest and highest-competition pan-car racing at the USA National Championship, Team XRAY continues to bring home the USA National Champion titles with the X12 platform.

At 2017 USA National Championship, Eric Anderson dominated and won the Stock class with an early prototype of the all-new 2018 X12 US Edition.

Read The Full Specs and Features HERE


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