Tamiya Sand Scorcher (2010)

Sand Scorcher (2010)

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He's Back After 30 Years! Originally released in 1979, the R/C Sand Scorcher was greatly received from fans around the world with its humorous form and superb mechanism. Keeping true to the basic layout of the original while incorporating many refined parts, this re-released version of the Sand Scorcher will remind you of the original. This model realistically reproduces the unique form of the buggy which was seen at the one-make race at “Baja 1000” in California, USA. The body is molded in white polystyrene and can be painted with plastic model paints. The rear-wheel drive 2WD chassis features realistic and aggressive driving performance that will no doubt excite you.

Original Basic Layout Chassis features a 2mm thick FRP plate with an aluminum reinforcing plate for strength and flexibility to ensure stability. 4-wheel independent suspension features front double trailing arm and rear swing axle setups, die-cast suspension arms, and oil dampers. Electronics and battery are protected by a durable clear plastic mechanism box. Comes equipped with full ball bearings to reduce friction loss, and mounted on the 3-piece center-lock wheels are grooved front tires and ribbed rear tires that ensure superb off-road performance.


  • The body features metal-plated light covers and side mirrors which enhance realistic presence.

  • Front suspension features die-cast suspension arms and double-trailing arm setup as well as grooved front tires.

  • The swing axle rear suspension has the unique ribbed rear tires which ensure dynamic driving on sandy surfaces.

  • Sealed gearbox is made with die-cast and clear plastic parts and has built-in motor and gears, featuring superb protection against dust.

  • Clear plastic mechanism box protects the R/C unit against dust, and its lid can be easily detached by cam locks.

  • The symbolic rear exhaust pipe is reproduced with a separate part which greatly enhances scale realism.

●Length: 400mm, Width: 230mm, Height: 180mm
●Wheelbase: 250mm
●Tread: F170mm, R175mm
●Tire Width/Diameter: F21/73mm, R41/82mm
●Chassis: 2mm Thick FRP Plate with Reinforcing Aluminum Plate
●Rear Wheel Drive
●Chassis Weight: Approx.1730g
●Type 540 Motor included (Compatible with kit-included motor or Item 53689 540J Motor only)
●No Differential Gears
●Front Suspension: Double Trailing Arm, Rear Suspension: Swing Axle
●4 Oil Dampers
●Gear Ratio=6.5:1 or 9.3:1
●Requires Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) (sold separately)

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