Tamiya Avante (2011)  - Kit

2017 Limited Edition versio Vanhasta suosikista

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The Legend Returns!
1988 saw Tamiya release the dynamic 1/10 R/C 4WD racing buggy Avante which featured an innovative design. This machine became a monumental achievement within Tamiya's rich R/C history as it featured a highly sophisticated design combined with a unique form. The Avante which won the hearts of R/C fans around the world now comes re-released as the Avante (2011) completed with Tamiya's full re-release makeover treatment. It now incorporates many improvements and refined parts to meet modern R/C requirements. New features of the Avante (2011) include an assortment of carbon fiber parts for improved strength and durability, universal shafts as well as cam-loc wheel caps. In addition, the package comes with the same design, dimensions, and blister-type packing as the original. The ultimate pure racing buggy Avante is back!

High Performance Racing 4WD Chassis
Shaft-driven 4WD chassis features a longitudinally-placed motor and a new 2mm thick carbon fiber double deck setup which replaces the original FRP decks for increased strength. The FRP rear damper stay has been changed to a 3.5mm thick carbon fiber part to improve rigidity. Just like the original, the 4WD system adopts a front and rear planetary diffs and a center ball diff setup. A total of 23 ball bearings are used to minimize friction loss. In addition, the front and rear gearboxes come with three convenient hatches to allow you to check the gear condition and perform simple maintenance. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension features metal threaded shafts with ball-ends to enable fine-tune the suspension. Original die-cast front knuckles are changed to aluminum ones which feature the same shape as the original. Other features of the original, including radius arm protector which absorbs shocks to protect the suspension arms from damage and cam-loc wheel caps that securely hold the wheels in place remain the same. With all these new improvements, you will enjoy hours of fun driving the high performance of Avante (2011) just like the original.


  • Aluminum front knuckles feature superb rigidity. Metal damper cylinder has end cap to reduce maintenance hassle.
  • Radius arm protector absorbs shocks to protect sus arms from damage. Larger bumper provides improved frontal protection.
  • 2mm thick carbon fiber upper and lower decks offer superb chassis rigidity.
  • Longitudinally-placed battery pack is situated on the chassis' right side. Compatible with 7.2V Racing Packs and LF batteries.
  • 25T Motor features a special gold label. Spur gear comes equipped with a built-in center ball diff.
  • 3.5mm thick carbon fiber rear damper stay and aluminum mount blocks provide added strength and durability.
  • Rear wing has 5 different attachment angles to allow you to further fine-tune your Avante
  • Cam-Loc wheel caps enable wheel attachment without the need for any tools. Clamp-type wheel hubs securely lock the wheels in place.
  • Suspension geometry provides the Avante with plenty of ground clearance. Comes equipped with a durable polycarbonate under cowl.


●Length: 420mm, Width: 240mm, Height: 140mm
●Wheelbase: 260mm
●Tread F/R: 200mm
●Tire Width/Diameter: 38/88mm
●Chassis: 2mm Thick Carbon Double Deck
●Longitudinally-Placed Motor Shaft-Driven Full-Time 4WD
●Diff Gear F/R: Planetary, Center: Ball Diff
●3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
●4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension
●Front & Rear Oil Dampers
●Gear Ratio=8.33:1
●Type 540 Motor (25T)
●Requires an Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)

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