Gmade Komodo Scale Crawler Kit

Gmade Scale Crawler. Tuote myydään toimitusmyyntinä!

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This is the latest and hottest Gmade Scale Crawler kit KOMODO. Komodo is based on familiar GS01 Chassis which is modified for 4-Link suspension for maximal performance!!

Komodo Pickup Truck Body
Komodo body is made of 1.5mm thick high quality lexan and designed in pickup truck platform came out with strong and stylish detail body. Included front grille, light bucket, mirror, door handle, wiper grille make more details to the body, also scale accessory parts such as snorkel, bumper, roof rack, sand ladder, hook, shovel match with off-road adventure concept and make it more realistic off-road truck.


Steel Ladder Frame
GS01 frame is designed to look as a chassis of a real car frame and the material of the frame is made of high strength steel, C-Channel Side Rail and is with bolted with cross members which make it resistant to twisting or wrapping. Also steel parts are nickel plated to look glossy and prevent rust.

Dust Proof Receiver Box
Receiver box is designed to look as a real engine cover and the function og the receiver box is to protect the receiver from getting dusty and also to be used as esc mounting space

Adjustable Battery Plate
Battery plate is designed to offer the lowest center gravity og chassis for stable driving motion, adjustable plate helps to mount a different type of batteries.

Skid Plate
The skid plate are designed to run smoothly over any surface of roads without getting stuck.


4-Link Suspension System
The suspension has been design to reduce the torque twisting and make smooth movements. Together with oil shock, showing high driving performance in all terrain such as mud, rock, hill and etc. and with that impact stable running is possible to help delicate controlling.

G-Transition Aluminum Shock Absorber
G-Transition shock is internal spring oil filled shock absorber. Highlighted the durabilities of the shock using aluminum shock body with 3.5mm heavy duty shock shaft for hardcore off-road driving. This shock produces smooth shock actions because of oil filled shock absorber and it is designed to make a big shock-stroke even though it has short length of shock, and it offers a lot of wheel travel to pass through the hardcore off-road driving track conditions.
Can lower the ride height by droop setup so it helps to pass down in course such as hill climb, big angle rocky-mount in stable position, also reduce the interference of the tire and fender without lifting the body in stock position.

Full Time 4WD Drive terrain features

One-Piece Graphite Axle Housing
Axle housing is made of high strength plastic material and designed as a one-piece for maximum durability and easy maintenance.

Metal Differential Cover
The axle has been designed to feel as a real car axle and glossy metal differential cover highlights more details.

Solid Differential Gear
Both front and rear axles have solid differential gears to provide stronger driving force in any driving conditions.

Dust Proof Transmission
Various gear ration in all situation increases the vehicle’s driving ability and transmission housing protects the internal gears with superb dustproof functionality. Easy to adjust the gear ratio and the backlash by using removable dust cover.

Ball Bearing
Included ball bearings in every rolling components to minimize the load on drive terrain as well as conveying the driving force smoothly

Universal Shaft
Universal shafts are designed to convey maximum torque of powerful motor as well as tire traction through locked differentials that also respond to perfectly smooth motion without loss of power to the front & rear axles.

Wheel & Tire
MT-1903 1.9 inch M7T off-road tire
Mt1903 off-road tire made of super soft compound material provides high traction to the surface. The treads of tire pattern are suitable for off-road driving and are designed with large diameter that enables to run smoothly on any uneven road surface.
Height: 109mm
Width: 40mm
Inner Diam: 48mm

NR02 1.9 inch beadlock wheel
Nr02 beadlock wheels made of material of high strength plastic give long lasting strength and its design generates realistic scale look of the vehicle.
Width: 23mm
Diam: 48mm
Offset: 1mm negative
Hex: 12mm

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