Traxxas iD high-current connectors explained

Pretty much since their early days, Traxxas are relying on their own battery connectors. Different from the somewhat traditional " Tamiya-style" Molex connector  the TRX plugs have always been high-performance, low resistance connectors, capable to withstand a lot of abuse.

Recently Traxxas have introduced their latest generation high-current connector that not only connects the battery with the speed controller, the plugs also connects the cells with the charger's internal LiPo battery balancer for less hassle and a more convenient use.

Whereas standard T-plug or tube-style connectors require to additionally connect the balancer ports, the TRX iD plugs have build-in balancer connectors that mate with the output of Traxxas' own line of iD-capable EZ-Peak chargers, so you only have to connect one plug to the charger despite two or sometimes three.

On top of this the iD technology also makes for very convenient and secure battery charging as Traxxas' iD technology eliminates complicated charger programming by automatically configuring and optimising the charge settings for Traxxas iD batteries.

On top of this the heavy duty construction of the iD-compatible plugs, with gold-plated copper terminals, spring-loaded contact areas and reverse polarity-protected housings, make for improved performance compared to other plugs found on RTR vehicles.

For those who wish to use Traxxas iD batteries with a standard balance charger, EuroRC offers a handy charging adapter  to connect 2S or 3S Traxxas iD power packs to standard balance chargers using a regular TRX and XH balance connectors.

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