Insane Xray 1:10 Buggy offer

We have something special for you this time.

Due the ultimate performance of Joel Valander in Finnish Off-Road series we want to offer something special for you guys!!

For this limited time we are going to make an insane offer for you about Xray XB4 -16 and Both XB2 -16 (Dirt and Carpet) Buggies.

For the limited time of 22.7 - 31.7 we will offer you a Cashback offer on these.

Order either XB4 -16, XB2 -16 Dirt or XB2 -16 Carpet 
and you will receive cashback  gift card to our store of 100€ for Xray products
Now it is easy to buy those extra spares and option parts you have always wanted.

Note! Be quick If our stock will run out offer stands for pre-orders only for limited availability from the factory !!!

All you have to do is to type "cashback" to the comment field when making the order!!

- Staff of EuroRC



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